Payment & Delivery



1.                  How to order:

      by internet shop

      by e-mail

      by fax

      by mail



2.                  Please note before ordering:

      there is only one copy available of most titles

      there are many copies available of titles marked "NEW" 

      do not send money in advance, wait for my confirmation

      Important: All prices are in Euros and do not include postage &  packing



3.                  Payment:

      by P.M.O. (Postal Money Order), ask at your post-office for details. Please trust me, 

      this is the easiest way for foreign customers to pay, I have never had any trouble...

Important: Make money orders payable to "Ernie Gerbeaux"!  

      to my account, please check at your bank: All fees have to be charged to the sender!

      if in cash, then by registered post (at your own risk)

      Important: NO FOREIGN CHEQUES ACCEPTED! (Bank charges are too high)


4.            Delivery:

      after sending my confirmation, I will hold your order for 2-3 weeks

      after receiving your payment I will dispatch your goods on the same day



Bank account

To:                              E. Gerbeaux

Account Nr.:             100 5680 619

Bank-Code:              300 209 00

Bank:                          CITIBANK